viernes, 22 de abril de 2016

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We are conceited creatures aren't we ? Posting about our lives in hoping it will get people's attention. Gain us popularity- Don't worry I am no different . Why are we drawn to these people? Why do we compare so much in this generation? Why are we all so lost ? I believe if we took the time to step outside of our screens - to make time for our souls - the clarity you find in the moments away from this toxic environment will heal you immensely . Social media isn't real . It's a world inside of our real world . We've gotten lost in it . So lost in fact we define our very worth on it. The amount of followers you have does not define you. Don't get me wrong social media can be used in so many beautiful ways and that's something I hope to commit myself to from now on. Let's redirect our energy towards the people and companies that should rise - not the ones leading fake lives. The ones that make us feel guilty that we don't earn money from traveling the world, sitting on the beach with our perfect bodies, boyfriends and on trend makeup & clothes. That life isn't real . Your life is real . You are real. We have all fallen down the rabbit hole and forgotten we have the strength to climb out. If we want the world to change we have the control to decide what and who rises . Next time you go to follow or like something make sure it makes you feel good inside . You have so much more power than you think you do . Change starts from within and from knowing life is so much bigger than this imaginary world we think we live in . So I vow to you from now on to be nothing but real - so here I am . The real me . No frills. For all of you sticking by my side I value you more than you'll ever know. We can change the world together . I love you.
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